It's over when it's over ain't it baby ain't it?
Reasons why I go to rodeos


1. Barrel racing
2. Cowboy shopping

River life 👌

River life 👌

I know you get asked this a lot, but I always forget what you say so ford or Chevy and why?


Ford! i don’t have anything against chevy or dodge i just choose Ford.  i like their body styling, the layout of the cab and the luxury of some of them depending on the model.  in my opinion they have the best interior of any other make! i like their engines and just how overall strout they are! they are power houses of vehicles, oh and they didn’t have to get bailed out by the government!!



3 ways to win a ladies heart

1. Make her food
2. Make her cum
3. Let her nap

#3 is important.

Napping is good

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.


Believe it or not, it IS possible to go to the county fair without wearing; belly shirts tied under your boobs, shorts that show your pancake butt, and cowgirl boots that have never seen dirt.


How many followers do u need to have before u just get random curious anons or am i just too boring

Do you ever write a really long message and about halfway through you’re like “you know what, they don’t even care” and delete it
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